Welcome to the Official Site for Hailey and Aiden Medina. You may recognize Hailey from her sketches for College Humor or seen her in The Hollow Tree. While you may know Aiden from his work on What Would You Do?, Blue Bloods, and multiple commercials. Here you will find all the news and up to date information about these talented young actors. For Industry Professionals looking to learn more about Hailey and Aiden, please click on their names above for an overview of information.


10 Jan 2017
Sweedish Cottage
Back in 2012 Hailey did voice over work for the Little Miss Muffit's Monster Sitting Service show put on by the Sweedish Cottage in New York City. Over the years she has gone back to visit, see the show again, and it has always been a wonderful experience. At the end of last year Hailey was back in the recording studio for the Sweedish Cottage and had a fantastic time lending her voice to their project. Aiden came along as well and he and Hailey posed for some fun photos together throughout the day. Hailey loves the Sweedish Cottage team and cannot wait for everyone visiting to hear her latest work for them!

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25 Dec 2016
Merry Christmas!
Hailey and Aiden absolutely love this time of year! There is something in the air about the holiday season that brings joy and happiness all around. Today Hailey and Aiden are celebrating with their family, opening presents, enjoying treats, and they would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! May the holiday season bring everyone lots of joy, happiness and new memories to last a lifetime.

(Image by iWonderlandDesign)

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10 Oct 2016
Paw Patrol
Aiden has been having such a good time doing voice over work for Paw Patrol! His character Tracker has recently made his debut in the series and Aiden lent his voice to a promo that ran on Nickelodeon in the weeks leading up to the debut episode. Hopefully some of you saw it airing! Another one of his projects for the series has released and it comes in the form of an app! It is the Paw Patrol Rescue Run game and a video has surfaced that takes a look at the game using Tracker as their selected pup to get them through the levels. This means that Aiden's voice can be heard throughout! You can view both videos below and check out the Paw Patrol game app, it's pretty fun!

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16 Sep 2016
The Wizard of Oz
Hailey loves live theatre, getting to perform in front of an audience is an amazing feeling, it keeps her on her toes with all of the lines, numbers, and she enjoys seeing everyone's reaction to the show throughout. Last year she did a production of The Wizard of Oz where she took on multiple roles during the show. City Munchkin, Poppy Flower, Apple Tree, Emerald Ozian, Winkie, and Jitterbug...Hailey had a lot of stage time, loving every minute of it. Images from the show have been added to the gallery, and she cannot wait to be back on stage doing her next production.

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06 Sep 2016
What Would You Do?
This past Friday night Aiden was seen in the season finale of What Would You Do?! It was his third episode of the season and this time around he and his friend were standing outside of a store trying to get people to give them a light for their cigarettes. Surprisingly if those not of legal age to smoke have their own cigarettes it is not illegal to give them a light so the series put it to the test to see if anyone would help them and how they'd react. Please know that the cigarettes Aiden and his friends have were tobacco free, they were not given real ones for filming.

It was very interesting for Aiden and his friend to see how people were reacting to them trying to smoke cigarettes, as well as for the crew. People were shocked to see two young boys trying to smoke and tried to convince them not to do it, letting them know how bad it is for their health and that they are way to young to be trying it. One man even tried to convince them he was much older than he really was and that the reason he looked good for his age was because he never smoked. If you missed the episode you can view Aiden's part in the media section!

Behind the scenes Aiden had a fantastic time filming his latest episode of the series. He got to work with a new group of kids, making new friends, and of course seeing John Quiñones was a pleasure as always, Aiden loves working with him and learning from him each time he does an episode. Images from the day on set have been added to the gallery, and thank-you to the entire team at What Would You Do? for another amazing season!

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29 Aug 2016
Stacy Gallizzi Photography & New Layouts!
Hailey and Aiden recently got some new photos done with one of their favorite photographers....Stacy Gallizzi! They did an in studio session posing for individual photos and each doing multiple looks in front of the camera. Hailey got a little creative in her shots, using a make up set and chair for props, while Aiden was showing off his smile and serious facial expressions, all ready to get some new photos to use for castings.

The images came out so well that it was time for a new set of layouts! With a thank-you to Sarah of Serberry Designs the main site and gallery each have a new look. We hope that everyone enjoys the new design as much as we do, and thank-you Stacy for the fantastic new images!

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