Hailey and Aiden's site opened its doors on May 16, 2012 as the official source for all information, media and news on Hailey and Aiden Medina. Prior to the grand opening, Hailey had completed numerous projects for College Humor, Nickelodeon and was currently the voice of the play Little Miss Muffit's Monster Sitting Service! Aiden was currently airing in a Tonka commercial with advertisements out for GUM and Toys R Us with many projects already completed for companies such as Crayola, Foot Locker, and vTech. Lots of hard work and planning went into being able to create this website for Hailey and Aiden which incorporates information for the professionals as well as a fun and welcoming place for family, friends and everyone else interested in keeping up to date on Hailey and Aiden's careers.

The site is run by Lisa who can be contacted by clicking here for any questions, concerns, comments, donations and so forth.